Friday, February 29, 2008

Three Cheers for Mr. New York

A. I ABSOLUTELY, MOST DEFINITELY think he will ask you to marry him. Without a doubt.

B. How long…hmmmm This will be a toughey. I think internally he’ll want to do it right away just because he won't want to wait to be with you. But in reality I think he would be so considerate of you that he’ll want to wait until he thinks YOU are ready to be asked.

C. How??? As unbelievable as that man is??? Geese. Something very quiet, very personal- just the 2 of you, not a big show or anything like that but VERY VERY romantic and completely when you’re not expecting it in any way…..and I think the ring will be the size of TX. Nope, take that back…he would WANT to buy you one that big just to show you how much he loves you but you and he neither one are big for “show” so he would buy you something beautiful and classic.

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